Greetings, With the New Year now in its second week… I know you understand how critical it is to start the year with a few quick wins under your belt. It’s how you build momentum, set a pace and make big things happen in your life and career. But whatContinue Reading

While there’s nothing wrong with scaling back a bit and enjoying the festivities, it’s easy to get complacent as the year draws to a close. The holidays are ideal for reaching out to qualified leads and developing a marketing plan for the coming year. Fun and effective marketing opportunities aboundContinue Reading

We have some questions for as 2022 winds down: You wonder why these questions? Actually there are many more. What I have realized is that the real winners, the trailblazers, are not resting on their oars. They’re pushing harder so they can get further. Whereas, on the other hand, theContinue Reading