The following are some of the things you can do to make this business of real estate network marketing work for you.

  1. Set Clear & Smart Goals

First and foremost, you need to set a clear and smart goal for yourself. Ask yourself how much do you want to make in a year and monthly?

Once you are able to set a figure then you need to break down your commission and multiply it by the number of plots you need to sell to arrive at your monthly target. You must believe you have the ability to get any goal you set because you can and give no room for excuse.

Write your sales goals in present tense, this will be fuel for your prospecting activities e.g. This is November, 28th 2023 and I have sold 10 plots of land at Ambiance Foreshore, 7 plots of land at Dukia Africa, 5 units of Mufasa Apartments etc

  1. Master The Act of Closing Deals

For you to succeed in Real Estate business, first of all you need to master the act of prospecting and follow up. This business is all about reaching out to people and attracting them into your sales funnel and thereafter giving them value in exchange for their money. There are many ways which you can use to reach out to people out there such as leveraging on social media, Facebook lead generation ads, WhatsApp status, online ad placement and offline ad placement.

You can also reach out to people by writing down your lists of potential clients, Family members, friends, colleagues, groups, association and companies you know that you can approach and preach the gospel of real estate investment. If you don’t tell them you sell real estate, they will only talk to you based on what they know you do. Identify what works for you most and Focus on your strength

  1. Get Quality Product Knowledge

No product! No sale!
So one of the things you must have as a sales person is a good knowledge of all properties product because without properties, sales cannot happen.

As a newbie in the real estate business all you need to start with is the basic knowledge of the products and as you progress in the business, the deeper your knowledge; as in, product knowledge, the more persuasive you can become. To start with, you need to identify the primary features of our properties and what your client stands to benefits from it.

Features create interest. Benefits arouse desire. Therefore, showing them how the benefits apply to solving their problem causes them to take action. The benefits could either be immediate benefits or future benefits.

When you have full product knowledge, it gives you that confidence to talk effectively about what you are selling, your client would see you as authority in your niche and this will influence them to trust you with their money.

One of the best way to get 70% product knowledge is to be a part of any of our estate tours & partner companies product launch.

  1. Grow Your Network & Build Your Machine (Team)

Your network determines your net worth.
As a networking realtor of the Billionaire Realtor, you have the opportunity of earning indirect commission on your successlines/Downlines sales.

You earn indirect commission of 3%, 2% or 1% from the effort of any of your team members when they make sales.

The secret to success in this business is to recruit as many serious success hungry marketers as possible into your team.

Determine the number of successlines you want to recruit daily. Be focused and be determined. Go out and meet new people daily, build your sales machine and make yourself relevant. You are more than enough!

  1. Develop Yourself Personally

Personal development is key if you want to experience growth in life. Ensure you attend seminars and intense training sections on real estate and read personal development books.

Ask yourself,

What are the books that I need to read to improve myself in this business?

Get books on Real Estate sales & marketing, deals closing, act of negotiation, understanding real estate market trends, legal terms in real estate, client management, handling sales objection, prospecting etc.

I’m convinced that if you can do this diligently, you’d definitely make a difference!

To your success,
Dr. Emmanuel Abikoye

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