Full Video: Another Empress Njamah Viral video On Twitter, Reddit

Another Empress Njamah Viral video On Twitter, Reddit

The estranged ex fiancé of Empress Njamah has set the internet on fire with some private photos of her.

Empress Njamah estranged fiancé, George Wade, created a WhatsApp group and uploaded her private pictures there. Since then, the published video has received rave reviews from Twitter and Reddit users.

On Monday, Jade also published a fresh video in which he recounted his dispute with Empress while on the road in another country.

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He asked Empress to stop circulating false information that he was getting ready to leave Nigeria because he had already left. Jade went on to express how much he missed her.

Several online users have criticized the act by her Ex Fiancé

@Nck_Obi: Empress needs to involve the police. Lock up that mf. You got jilted and the first thing that popped up in your tiny brains is to create a WhatsApp group and leak ? What kind of pea-brained men are these bikonu??

@Toniatuslim: Where Empress Njamah see this mad man in the first place? Mad men roaming the streets y’all be safe out there.

In 2022, the couple split up when Empress Njamah accused him of abusing her.

Timaya, a singer, and Ms. Njamah have previously been romantically involved. She had just lost her friend Ada Ameh when she first met George Wade.

Video Here

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