Latest Video: Ayla Malik and Imran Khan Scandal alleged audio leaks-Fake or Real

Imran Khan, a former Pakistani prime minister and captain of the cricket team, is always in the news.

Political rivals are attempting to humiliate one another using audio and video leaks since the drama of these leaks has been going on in the nation’s politics for some time.

However, he wishes that the phone call records that were exposed this week had never come to light.

Ayla Malik has also said It was her mistake to ask for votes for Imran Khan which made her a target for the opponent.

Tehreek-e-Insaf which is Imran Khan’s party has regarded the audio tapes as fake and fabricated. The woman on the other end, who is allegedly Ayla Malik, has claimed the voice is not hers.

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Who is Ayla Malik?

Ayla Malik is a Mianwali native, the niece of the late former president Sardar Farooq Khan Laghari, and the granddaughter of Nawab of Kalabagh Ameer Muhammad Khan. 

Pakistani badminton player Ayla Malik competed at the national level. Her upbringing in a feudal family has led her to be an avid hunter. She shoots as well and has competed in national competitions. She picked up a gun and opened fire instead of running away when some gunmen attacked her election convoy in Mianwali in 2013 instead of ducking.

In 1998, she joined the Millat party, founded by her maternal uncle Farooq Ahmed Leghari. Ayla Malik was appointed deputy secretary-general in a hurry. Former Pakistani President Farooq Ahmed Leghari.

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