Gambia’s Attempted Coup: All To Know About It

Gambia's Attempted Coup: All To Know About It

In a statement on Wednesday, Gambian officials claimed that they had prevented a military coup attempt the day before. They added that four soldiers had been detained and that everything was now under control.

Following a military operation on Tuesday, the Gambian military announced the arrest of four soldiers allegedly connected to the coup.

“The GAF High Command in a swift military operation conducted yesterday, arrested four soldiers linked to this alleged coup plot.

“Those arrested are: Lance Corporal Sanna Fadera from the Gambia navy as the alleged ring leader of the plot; Corporal Mbarra Touray from 1st Infantry Battalion, Yundum Barracks; Corporal Ebrahima Sanno from the military police who is currently on study leave and Sergeant Gibril Darboe from The Gambia Navy.

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“The apprehended soldiers are currently helping the military police with their investigations.

The people of the Gambia, according to political analyst Sait Matty Jaw, are concerned about their financial predicament but oppose military intervention in domestic politics.

“There are so many other issues people are worried about, but we also know that the majority of Gambians are anti-coup based on survey data. This has been part of the conversation,” Jaw said. “It was shocking to hear it was being led by a land corporal. So today, there are people questioning whether this was even a plot.”

The Gambia, a small nation in West Africa with 2.5 million people that is almost entirely surrounded by Senegal, experiences coup attempts frequently. The nation is still recovering from more than two decades under former President Yahya Jammeh, who is accused of authoritarianism and human rights abuses.

Although many people saw Barrow’s victory as a victory for democracy, there has been growing dissatisfaction with his administration for failing to address poverty and rising living expenses.

“ECOWAS Commission salutes the leadership and personnel of The Gambia security services for their adherence to their constitutional role and for foiling this illegal plot,” according to the statement.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also reaffirmed ECOWAS’ statement.

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