Full Video: Tory Lanez’s Father Screams in Courtroom, Takes Shots At Jay-Z

Full Video: Tory Lanez’s Father Screams in Courtroom, Takes Shots At Jay-Z

Rapper Tory Lanez’s father has accused Jay-Z of being responsible for his son’s conviction in the shooting death of Megan Thee Stallion because Megan was signed to Jay-label Z’s in June of this year.

Ya gotta see the video … Tory’s father launches into an epic rant outside the courthouse where his son was hauled off to jail, railing against the justice system.

According to Dailymail.co.uk, Sonstar Peterson, the father of Lanez – real name Daystar Peterson – outside court accused Jay-Z of having ‘traded and bartered the souls of young men.’

It was unclear what he meant, but he was perhaps claiming that Jay-Z’s record label paid Megan Thee Stallion’s legal fees.

In the midst of the chaotic incident and as officers struggled to manage the raucous court attendees, Tory Lanez was reportedly immediately handcuffed and escorted outside of the courthouse.

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Tory’s dad continued his ranting outside the courtroom.

“This is not over. It’s not over. God does not lose,” he was captured on video screaming to an assembled crowd of supporters. “I know that this is wickedness.”

Before making his grand exit, Tory’s dad also railed against Roc Nation.

“Roc Nation, you will crumble!” he yelled to the top of his lungs before hopping into an awaiting SUV.

After being found guilty on all three counts against him on Friday, Tory now faces a sentence of more than 22 years in jail and, according to reports, possible deportation.

Video Here

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