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Ten (10) Wealth💵 lessons from Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo at BRG excellence conference.

1.Start Early: I built my first house at age 27 (You are not too young to succeed).

2.Have foresight, Quality not Quantity: Years ago, I rejected a plot of land at Banana island at N42M for hectares at Ibeju Lekki, now Ikoyi land is worth N2B.

3.Be a Pathfinder: Mowe was a bush and had about five landlords years back when I bought plots of land there. Today it’s a booming town.

4.Nigeria is fertile: I’ve lived abroad for decades and I can say the best you can achieve is medium/second class. Stay back and grow exponentially.

5.Exponential growth is the person you are/ become not achievement. Build yourself and you will attract success.

6.A product and A problem: You need a product (an idea💡) and you solve a problem. These are the two criteria for wealth.Facebook is an idea.

7.Sell Benefits/Value,not product: Clients want to know how useful and important your product(real estate) can improve or change their life and finance not how beautiful the house is.

8.Be professional: I watch YouTube and I see unprofessionalism in some adverts. Language;Don’t call viewers “guys”. Dress well,sell benefits and value.

9.High Value: The type of problem you solve is what determines you level of income. Real estate is a high value market/industry.

10.Strive to be first: Never think average or mediocre,think excellence and global.

Compile by George Uruakpa
BRG Academy Alumni

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