Another Leak Tape: Imran Khan And Ayla Malik Scandal

There are rumors that the previous prime minister of Pakistan told another woman to “touch herself” and inquired about how wet her  v*g1na was.

Ayla Malik is a Pakistani journalist and politician who served in the National Assembly exclusively as a woman from 2002 to 2007. She managed Imran Khan’s campaign in Mianwali and is a crucial Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf member.

Ayla comes from a political family. Ayla was the governor of West Pakistan and was a granddaughter of Malik Amir Mohammad Khan of Kalabagh. She is the sister of the politician Sumaira Malik. She is also the niece of Sardar Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari, a former Pakistani leader.

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However there has been an alleged viral tape that might implicate her and the former pakistan prime minister. There claims that she is not the one in the tape.

Although it has not yet been confirmed that Imran Khan is the voice in the footage, the former Pakistani prime minister is receiving abuse online.

Dr. Arslan Khalid, a PTI leader, claimed that the viral tape that targets Imran Khan is “false.”

Should I lick it first before I put it in directly?” an inquisitive Khan was allegedly heard as saying. “Can you take it in, directly? Should I go slow or fast? Remember, I hump like a camel from the back,” he said after being told by the woman that she liked it ‘slow.’

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