5 ways to get a new customer according to Paul Foh

  1. Go where your target users congregate offline. Go to events share flyers don’t let people fool you there is still a lot of money offline. E.g clubs, churches, mosques (asalatu) , golf clubs, airport lounges , business class and in aeroplane, old school association gathering, gyms
  2. Go where your users are online. Use dark social and digital communities
  3. Building your audience before you need them. Start creating content about your product before you 🚀
  4. Activate your contact list. My first set of clients for my CRM where from my friends

Family, friends , neighbours, old alumni colleagues.

  1. Collaboration > Competition: collaboration is greater than competition find companies that are already serving your ideal clients and piggyback on them. I just did that with a software company to sell more 1 year subscription for my newsletter at $100 a year

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