10 Things Top Realtors Do When it is 10 Days Left in the Year.

  1. The Top Realtor takes time out to give Gratitude for all he or she has achieved all year long. They are thankful for the good and not so good times, challenges and worst of the worst of time in the year.
    They even write it down in a journal and show gratitude for it.
  2. The Top Realtor takes time out to reflects over how his year 2022 went and takes time to see if it was a good year or bad one or progressive or even a challenging year and takes time to see how they can make it better for the next year.
  3. A Top Realtor uses this period to ask himself or herself how can I become better as person in different roles like as a father , Uncle, aunt, husband, Son or Daughter to His / her parents, better professional at work and at home also better at serving customers.
  4. A Top Realtor or potential one will take stock of his sales performance all year long and ask how was the market for me from January till date and assess themselves personally. They have accountability partners and Coaches.
  5. A Top Realtor will use this period to send thank you notes and messages to all clients and all their team members and people that have done business with him or her all year or one way or the other made useful contributions to their year.
  6. A Top Realtor sends christmas gifts and hampers to all his clients old and current ofcourse this is based on current budget and affordable gifts for those who can afford it and have the resources.
  7. A Top realtor uses this period to plan for 2023 and even beyond he or she seats down and writes down goals for the Next Year and designs vision board. They don’t wait for 2023 to start doing that.
  8. A Top Realtor uses these period to reach out to family and friends and people on their contacts to check on them and strengthens useful relationships.
  9. A Top Selling Realtor uses these period also to decide what to stop doing in 2023 and what to start doing. Habits , places and people, new skills, courses, trainings he should stop dealing with or start associating with in 2023.
  10. A Top Realtor uses this period to pray and mediate and asks God his or her creator for directions and purpose for their lives in 2023. They go on retreats, prayers and the likes.

They also connect with mentors , coaches even connect spiritually with the almighty on the guidance to the next level in their personal and professional lives.

Hope you found this useful as you plan for a Successful 2023?

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy your day.

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