Woman avoids jail after falsely accusing man of rape

A woman who falsely accused a guy of rape in order to extort him for money managed to stay out of jail.

22-year-old Chelsea Orton abused her victim and made him dependent on pharmaceuticals after she told him lies.

The woman admitted to blackmailing the unnamed man between July and August 2019 for £200.

To support her claims, Orton even went so far as to tell the man’s relatives that he had sexually assaulted her.

The victim became so desperate to stop Orton from calling him that he changed his phone number.

Only after the victim told a coworker about the blackmailing did they advise him to call the police.The victim eventually found the confidence to call the police and report her.

The police began looking into the alleged rape before the alleged blackmail on August 5 after Orton went to them and said she had been raped.

Caroline Harris, the prosecutor, said: “When the defendant was questioned, she acknowledged that the phone number was hers but claimed that she wasn’t in charge of sending all of the messages and placed the blame on her friend.

“She claimed that because the victim would have valued his bike and phone greatly, she would not have requested them.She consented to get money from him in the range of £60 to $100, and when the possibility of receiving more money was raised to her, she did so as well.

At Warwick Crown Court, Orton, of Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England, guilty to blackmail and received an 18-month prison term with a 12-month suspension.

She was also had to give the victim £200 in damages.

The victim said in a victim statement read aloud by prosecutor Harris that the allegations had left him needing antidepressants to recover.

He stated: “I initially felt trapped when Chelsea started extorting money from me. This made me anxious and scared me. I started to feel depressed as it continued and was reported to the police. I had trouble sleeping.

“in spite of

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