UK immigration nearly triples despite Brexit promises

Despite the pro-Brexit government’s pledge to curb immigration, a record number of people are moving to the UK.Over the course of a year, roughly 50,000 EU citizens left the UK, while 331,000 non-EU citizens arrived.
On Thursday, the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported that between June 2021 and June 2022, the nation experienced a net migration gain of 504,000 individuals.That number nearly doubled from the 173,000 that were registered the year before.

British politicians like Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt are trying to reassure people that it is not too early to give up on Brexit, which promised to reduce immigration and “take back control of the UK’s borders.” This is why the sharp increase has occurred.Just prior to the ONS figures being released, UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman, herself a hardline Brexiteer, acknowledged that the government had “failed to control our borders.”

The war in Ukraine, Afghan resettlement, an influx of Hong Kongers fleeing Beijing’s long arm, and students returning as coronavirus travel restrictions ease were all blamed for the rise.
“A series of world events have impacted international migration patterns in the 12 months to June 2022,” stated Jay Lindop, director of the Center for International Migration at the ONS. “Unprecedented” events are driving non-EU immigration in the UK after Brexit.These were unprecedented as a whole.”

According to ONS data, the majority of newcomers came from non-EU nations.Around 89,000 Ukrainians settled in the UK, and another 76,000 came from Hong Kong, a former British colony for which the UK created a special visa program in response to Beijing’s aggressive nationalist policies.
Around 21,000 Afghan outcasts were likewise among the appearances.

As a result of Brexit, which promised to drastically reduce immigration, approximately 51,000 EU citizens left the UK during that same time period.
About 35,000 migrants who entered the UK illegally by crossing the English Channel are not included in the ONS statistics.
The United Kingdom is home to an estimated 67 million people.

The UK’s economy appears to be being harmed by Brexit in the long run, according to new economic forecasts. Brexit could also cause problems in the UK in the long run.
The gloomy news follows a government report that was leaked and suggested that Hunt and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak might try to form a partnership with Brussels that is “Swiss-style.”
“Forge a different economy outside the European Union — high skill, high wage, the world’s next Silicon Valley, and with our own regulations,” Hunt claimed when he announced a severe new budget last week.
Hunt, who opposed Brexit in 2016, claimed that the UK needed to invest in skills if it wanted to combat immigration but denied having leaked the report.

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