Celtic defender accused of drink driving and nightclub abuse

The Celtic defender Alexandro Bernabei has been charged with drunk driving and nightclub harassment.

On August 15, 2022, the 22-year-old was allegedly driving while above the legal limit more than twice.

According to court documents, Bernabei, of the city’s Kelvinside, was operating a Mercedes A 200 on Bath Street.

The limit is 22 micrograms, but it is claimed that the Argentinian had 48 micrograms in 100 milliliters of breath.A separate accusation of acting in a threatening or abusive manner at Lola’s nightclub, also on Bath Street, is brought against Bernabei.

Bernabei allegedly “shouted and repeatedly refused to leave the premises after being told to do so” while acting aggressively.

On Thursday, Bernabei appeared in the dock at Glasgow Sheriff Court with an interpreter.

Callum Ross, his attorney, stated: “He enters a plea of not guilty.

“There is a motion for bail, and the Crown is not opposed.

They want to add another restriction that prohibits my client from going into Lola’s Nightclub, and he will agree to that.

The hearing will take place earlier in March, and the trial is scheduled for late March of the following year.

Remember these dates; no one else is responsible for you remembering them but you.

“Bail has been requested, is not being opposed by the Crown, and you also agree to the additional requirement.

I am emphasizing that you must not go to that location, Lola’s nightclub.

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