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Hours earlier, US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield informed an emergency UN Security Council meeting that the US will distribute a proposed presidential statement condemning North Korea’s prohibited missile launches and other destabilizing activities. Kim Yo-jong issued the warning.
Ms. Thomas-Greenfield also read a statement that 14 nations supported to limit North Korea’s advancement of its weapons programs after the meeting.
After her brother, Ms. Kim is widely regarded as the second most powerful person in North Korea. She criticized the United States for issuing “a disgusting joint statement together with such rabbles as Britain, France, Australia, Japan, and South Korea.”

The United States of America, in Ms. Kim’s words, is “a barking dog seized with fear.”
She said North Korea would consider the US drove explanation “a wanton infringement of our sway and a grave political incitement”.
She stated in a statement that was distributed by state media that “The US should be mindful that no matter how desperately it may seek to disarm (North Korea), it can never deprive (North Korea) of its right to self-defence” and that “it will face a more fatal security crisis the more hell-bent it gets on the anti (North Korea) acts.”

Meeting of UN Security Council on Monday was called in response to North Korea’s ICBM launch on Friday. This was one of a series of provocative missile tests this year that experts say are meant to modernize North Korea’s nuclear arsenal and give it more leverage in future negotiations.
Its most potent Hwasong-17 missile was used in Friday’s test, and according to some experts, the successful steep-angle launch demonstrated that, if fired at a standard trajectory, it could strike anywhere on the US mainland.
The ICBM launch was harshly criticized by the United States and its allies at the Security Council meeting, and they demanded that North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs be curtailed.

However, Russia and China, both of whom hold the Security Council’s veto, opposed any new sanctions and pressure on North Korea.
Due to North Korea’s previous ballistic missile tests, which are prohibited by UN Security Council resolutions, the two nations vetoed a US-led attempt to toughen sanctions in May.

In response to regular military drills between the United States and South Korea, which it views as an invasion rehearsal, North Korea has claimed that its testing activities are legitimate exercises of its right to self defense.Officials from Washington and Seoul claim that the exercises are meant to be defensive.
Ms. Kim stated that the UN body “applied double-standards” by discussing North Korea’s ICBM launch because it “turned blind eyes” to US-South Korean military drills and arm buildups targeting North Korea.

She stated that in order to safeguard its national security, North Korea will engage in “the toughest counteraction to the last.”
Choe Son Hui, the foreign minister of North Korea, referred to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres as “a puppet of the United States” on Monday.
The possibility that North Korea will soon carry out its first nuclear test in five years is cause for concern.
There is still a veil of secrecy over the state of North Korea’s nuclear capabilities.

While some analysts assert that North Korea already possesses nuclear-armed missiles that are capable of striking the United States mainland as well as its allies South Korea and Japan, others assert that the North is still years away from having such missiles.South Korea’s spy agency told lawmakers on Tuesday that the daughter of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who was recently seen for the first time in public at a missile launch site, is his second child, who is approximately 10 years old. This came as speculation erupted regarding his reasons for bringing her to the attention of the outside world.
North Korea claimed on Saturday that Mr. Kim, his wife Ri Sol-ju, and their “beloved daughter” were present when the nation’s most potent intercontinental ballistic missile, Hwasong-17, was launched the day before.

State media delivered photographs showing Mr Kim strolling connected at the hip with a little kid clad in a white coat and red shoes past an enormous rocket put on a send off truck, and watching a taking off weapon from a good ways.According to Yoo Sang-bum, one of the lawmakers who attended the meeting, during a closed-door briefing at a committee of the parliament, the main spy agency in South Korea, the National Intelligence Service, informed lawmakers that it believes the daughter, Ju Ae, is Mr. Kim’s second child and is approximately 10 years old.
According to Mr. Yoo, citing the NIS, the NIS determined that she is Mr. Kim’s second child because her looks corresponded to information indicating that she is taller and larger than other girls her age.

Youn Kun-young, who also went to the NIS meeting, said that he was told that she is Mr. Kim’s second child but refused to give any additional information.
The NIS stated that it cannot confirm the remarks made by lawmakers.In most cases, the details of its private briefings that it provides to parliament are neither confirmed nor denied.
One of the most secretive countries in the world, North Korea, has a questionable track record when it comes to verifying developments.
It was the first time that North Korea had actually said that she existed.Last week, Mr. Kim’s daughter’s age, name, and other information were withheld by the state media in North Korea.

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