Bruce Lee may have died from drinking too much water, new study claims

In a shocking death that occurred in Hong Kong on July 20, 1973, nearly 50 years ago, Bruce Lee is now thought to have died from drinking too much water, according to new study.

The study was carried out by a team of renal doctors in Spain, and it was released in the Clinical Kidney Journal’s December 2022 issue. They claimed that the actor’s “kidney’s inability to excrete excess water” was what led to his death.

The cause of death was initially determined by authorities to be cerebral edema, or brain swelling. The 32-year-old did, however, have “several risk factors for hyponatremia,” or an exceptionally low salt level in the blood, according to the authors. They cited Lee’s “chronic fluid intake” in addition to his marijuana use, which makes people thirstier.

They also mentioned possible factors, such as alcohol consumption and a history of kidney injuries, that might have affected the late star’s kidney function.

The scientists noticed that Lee’s prescription drug use might also have affected the way his kidneys worked. Meprobamate and aspirin, which are used to treat anxiety and pain, were reportedly utilized by Lee.

The failure to excrete enough water to maintain water homeostasis, according to the paper’s hypothesis, caused Bruce Lee’s death. If excessive water intake is not balanced by water excretion in the urine, this could result in hyponatremia, cerebral edema, and death within hours.

There is a need for a wider dissemination of the idea that excessive water intake can kill given that hyponatremia is common, as is found in up to 40% of hospitalized patients, and may cause death due to excessive water ingestion even in young healthy persons.

Shannon Lee, Lee’s daughter, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital. At the age of 28, his son, the actor Brandon Lee, passed away.Lee’s passing has spawned a lot of conspiracy theories throughout the years. Some followers thought gangsters might have killed him, while others felt he was the victim of a curse. A 2018 book named “Bruce Lee: A Life” examined his final hours and proposed that he died of a heat stroke.

In that time, author Matthew Polly said to Fox News Digital, “The key to understanding Bruce Lee’s death is that he collapsed 10 weeks before and almost died of the very same thing.”He entered a small dubbing room on May 10, 1973, one of the warmest days of the month, according to Polly. “To prevent disturbing the music, they turned off the air conditioner. He quickly became hot and lightheaded. Even after leaving the room, he passed out on the floor. He stood back up, and as soon as he entered the warm space, he collapsed once more and began to shake ferociously. He was taken to the hospital, where the medical staff thought his brain was swollen. Thus, the first collapse had all the symptoms of a heat stroke.”

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