Plane crashes in Colombian neighborhood, killing 8 people and destroying 7 homes

Eight people were on board when a small plane crashed on Monday in a suburb of Medelln, a city in central Colombia. There were no early reports of injuries on the ground.

According to a statement from Colombian aviation authorities, the plane crashed shortly after taking off from Olaya Herrera Airport. Two crew members and six passengers were listed as the victims. If there were more passengers on the plane than eight, it was not immediately clear.

Social media videos taken at the scene after the plane crash showed smoldering wreckage.

The precise reason for the collision is still unknown. The airplane had “an engine malfunction” during takeoff, according to Medelln Mayor Daniel Quintero.

Quintero stated, “Unfortunately, the pilot was unable to maintain the jet at altitude, and it crashed in this area. According to him, six other structures and seven dwellings were damaged.

In the midst of broken brick walls and strewn tiles, firefighters were battling flames.

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