The Screencaps mini-summit in Pittsburgh is over.
What a day it was in the Steel City, where Heinz Field was just 1/8 full as the Steelers beat the Bengals by one point on a touchdown. The Steelers faithful had had enough. The wind chills, which had to be in the low teens, were becoming tiresome. They were tired of the Steelers appearing to be a 3-7 team.

And for once, after a Bengals-Steelers game, I was among the supporters who went home joyfully. I was aware of the feeling, I assure you. It was oddly silent as Steelers fans sought to hail Ubers while I was drinking a beer at my hotel with Steelers fan Mig, who traveled to attend the Screencaps summit as the honorary ticket winner. Pittsburgh’s holiday season is finished, but it’s not Thanksgiving. That’s crazy.

How wacky? Think about it: The Steelers have never had a losing season. Just four seasons below 500 since 2003. 500 since 1990.

Screenshots of the summit trip to Pittsburgh’s highlights:

The premise of this trip for Tom H. in Fort Wayne, who provided tickets to create this summit, is to get together with his childhood buddies who all meet once a year to have a good time, be guys for a couple of days, and reminisce about old times. The four grew up outside Pittsburgh and then went in different directions after high school, but they remained friends even as all four moved to different cities. Now here they are in their 50s and the guys trip is still going on after all these years.Those of us in our 30s and 40s better be doing these guys’ trips like Tom H. and his buddies in our 50s. If you’re not already doing at least one trip a year with one or more buddies, it’s time. Tell your wife this is about your mental health. It’s necessary. Ladies, we NEED these trips.
Mig, the honorary ticket winner, had never been to a Steelers game in Pittsburgh. This guy was born in Sharon, PA, and has been a Steelers fan his entire life. He’s seen his Steelers at other stadiums but never at the holy grail of Steelers football. Needless to say, he was pumped for this opportunity to talk football, life and good times.
Mig doing work on those glorious IC Lights:

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