Marquette High School going virtual after several threats

Following many threats made against the school on social media over this holiday week, Marquette High School moved to virtual instruction.

Rockwood School District Superintendent Dr. Curtis Cain remarked, “We did not take the choice to go virtual lightly. We take these matters very seriously because we care deeply about the emotional health of our staff and students, according to the statement.

Officials from the Rockwood School District said that on Thursday and Friday, pupils were evacuated from the building. According to officials, someone airdropped the threat about the school to several children. After it was reported to school administrators, they quickly took action.

I want people to know that we are assisting with the inquiry and law authorities, Cain added. Parents and pupils should feel at ease, we wish. If you have any questions or concerns, we are available. However, if you notice something, report it.

The threat was not specifically described by the Chesterfield Police Department. They did, however, confirm that they had tracked down the student who had made the threat on Thursday but not the one on Friday. The two incidents may or may not be related, according to the police. The inquiry is still ongoing.

Marquette High School intends to resume classroom instruction after the holiday break. This week, other schools will operate on their regular schedules.

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