Arrest warrant shows ‘improper brakes’ as likely cause of Raleigh parade death

The driver’s insufficient brakes were cited in the arrest warrant for the 20-year-old guy who killed a young girl while pulling a float in the Raleigh Christmas Parade.

CC & Co. Dance Complex members were on a float being pulled by two trucks, and witnesses claim Landen Christopher Glass lost control of one of the trucks. According to the search warrant, an 11-year-old girl who was one of the dancers for the group was struck at a low speed and suffered fatal injuries.According to the public warrant that The News & Observer was able to obtain on Monday, Glass, of Goode, Virginia, is facing misdemeanor charges of vehicular homicide, reckless driving, and weapon possession at a parade, as well as traffic infractions for improper brakes and failure to reduce speed.

The document supports eyewitness allegations that Glass was blaring his horn and shouting for people to move aside after his modified GMC Denali pickup’s brakes failed. Glass’ pickup had various after-market modifications. The warrant stated that police discovered a Canik 9mm pistol in his vehicle after a crowd of spectators and parade participants managed to stop the vehicle by hand.

Glass, who according to the warrant works on automotive safety systems, was freed on a $4,000 bond and has a court date in late January.

Glass had no prior criminal or traffic offenses in North Carolina, according to the arrest warrant, but was given “driving improvement” after earning many tickets in Virginia for equipment and inspection issues “all in 2021.”

However, according to a Sunday article in The News & Observer, Glass’ most recent traffic violations occurred just three weeks ago, when he was issued tickets for failing to have his car inspected, for having window tinting violations, for having an improper exhaust system, and for driving without marker lights.

According to Virginia court records, he received four tickets in the last two years for failing to have his car inspected, though it’s not clear if they were for the same truck he was driving in the parade.

As of early Monday afternoon, the N&O had not yet received a response from the parade’s organizers at Shop Local Raleigh regarding their procedures for screening and approving drivers for entry to the event, which the website notes is by invitation only.

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