Biden congratulates Netanyahu on election win: ‘We’ll make history together’

US President Joe Biden called Likud executive Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday to compliment him on last week’s political race triumph, as Washington planned to depict a feeling of the same old thing, in spite of some worry in regards to the logical section of extreme right considers along with the following Israeli government.

Netanyahu likewise talked with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky soon after his call with Biden, promising to “genuinely look at the Ukraine issue” after entering office.

As indicated by a Jewish proclamation from Netanyahu’s office, during the eight-minute call with Biden, the US chief told Israel’s assumed next head that “we’re siblings” and “we’ll impact the world forever together.” It didn’t express out loud whatever the very president was alluding to.

Netanyahu told the US president that together they would achieve extra “memorable nonaggression treaties,” apparently alluding to the extension of the Abraham Accords standardization bargains among Israel and its Bedouin neighbors. “They are reachable,” the Likud readout cited Netanyahu as saying.

“My obligation to our union and our relationship is more grounded than any time in recent memory,” Netanyahu added.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Biden saluted Netanyahu and “commend[ed] Israel’s free and fair races.”

“The president reaffirmed the strength of the two-sided association and highlighted his relentless help for Israeli security,” she added, taking note of that the US would “proceed to intently screen the public authority development process” and looked forward “to proceeding to work with the Israeli government on our common advantages and values.”

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