FULL VIDEO: Politician releases own sex tape in bid to highlight ‘sex positive approach’

Manhattan legislative up-and-comer Mike Itkis has delivered a sex tape in a strange move to exhibit his obligation to his “sex-positive methodology.”
Legislative confident Mike Itkis is running in New York’s twelfth locale, where he is endeavoring to unseat long haul Popularity based legislator Rep. Jerry Nadler, the long-term liberal.

Itkis, a free, is running on a stage that incorporates sex inspiration as one of his cornerstone issues and supports legitimizing sex work.

The network safety trained professional and major in the U.S. Armed force Stores called his video presented on an explicit site a “discussion piece,” he let us know media sources.

“I’m a lot of a contemplative person,” he said. “I’m somewhat of a like geek to be the focal point of consideration on the off chance that I can stay away from it. Yet, I thought the issues I’m attempting to address are so significant.”

“I needed to have my issues discussed somehow or another,” he said.Three months prior, 53-year-old Itkis posted a video on PornHub of him engaging in sexual relations with grown-up entertainer Nicole Savvy, an experience that was recorded a year ago.

He didn’t point out “List of must-dos Treasure trove,” be that as it may, until a meeting with City and State magazine during which he featured his sex-positive stage and marked the video was a “discussion piece.”

Itkis’ mission page expresses his experience as “Not wedded. No children. Not abstinent. Nonbeliever” and says he is devoted to making sexual freedoms express by “finishing infidelity regulations” and “decriminalizing and legitimizing sex work.”

He additionally seems to target kid support installments, composing that “men ought not be expected to help natural youngsters without earlier understanding.”

The Nadler lobby declined to remark.

Itkis’ conservative rival, Mike Zumbluska, noticed: “You need to do what you must do.”

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