Sharon Osbourne wants refund of $900K donated to “scam” Black Lives Matter

Sharon Osbourne has said she needs the cash she gave to the People of color Matter development back.

The previous “The Discussion” co-have concurred with Kanye West about People of color Matter being a “trick” when TMZ got some information about the rapper’s White Lives Matter Shirt.

“All things considered, we gave $900,000 to [Black Lives Matter], and I’d like my cash back, please,” she told a journalist.

Osbourne, 69, didn’t indicate why she needed a discount, however she did communicate disarray encompassing the shock over West’s title making shirt at his design show.

She said: “I don’t see the reason why white lives don’t make any difference. I don’t grasp it. It’s not my way of life. Everyone matters, don’t they?”

Osbourne additionally said West, 45, ought not be dropped over his activities and on second thought urged individuals to disregard him on the off chance that they could do without him.

“Try not to go to his virtual entertainment. Try not to pay attention to his music,” she said. “Don’t bother the person. Allow him to do what he does, and in the event that you could do without him, do that.”

“Don’t bother him.”

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