2023: We Have No Plans To Disrupt Election In Igboland – IPOB

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has said that it has no arrangement to disturb political race in Igboland in 2023.

The media and exposure secretary of the gathering, Emma Strong, in a press explanation to Day to day POST, said there is no reality in any data circling on supposed plans to upset political race in 2023 in Igboland.

The gathering rather blamed the national government for engineering frailty in the South East, with the desire for causing dread and blaming IPOB for their deeds.

A new video of a breakaway individual from IPOB, Mr Simon Ekpa as of late surfaced on the web, where he said the gathering wouldn’t allow any political decision to hold in Biafraland.

In any case, in a public statement for IPOB, Strong said: “The IPOB initiative has for umpteenth time expressed unequivocally that piece of our business as usual in our tumult for opportunity has never been, isn’t and won’t be savage fomentation.

“This clears up our predictable interest for the UN for sort out a Mandate in the Biafran domain for the Biafran nation to decide their fate. With this impact, IPOB is neither examining nor will it empowered or support anybody or gathering to disturb the Nigeria shambolic choice cycle called political race.

“IPOB has continually disclosed it that we care very little about and can’t legitimize the variation they call political decision in Nigeria. We are, not entirely settled and trained opportunity battling development not political hooligans and IPOB is given to the reason for freeing our kin from enslavement and from current servitude and Neo-imperialism and won’t permit ourselves to be diverted from this extremely evenhanded.”

The gathering proceeded with that: “IPOB isn’t intrigued and won’t ever include ourselves in any Nigeria fake pre-political decision or post-political race issues. Our responsibility is to open the eyes of the blinds by the good news of truth which our chief has conveyed as of now.

“Whoever that is supporting any gathering or pack labeling them IPOB is on his/her own. For the individuals who are in need of a hearing aide, IPOB is one unified family under one headquarters and administration.

“Assuming later on IPOB administration chooses to offer further expression on the impending Nigeria determination process called political decision, we will offer such expression through our authority channels.”

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