Deadly missile strikes flatten homes before dawn

Zaporizhzhia was rocked by a series of huge explosions an hour or so before dawn.

Here, on a broad avenue in the middle of the city, rescue workers are combing through the shattered remains of an elegant five-storey apartment building.

Plumes of smoke are rising into the early morning sky. Glass and rubble are strewn across the street. Shops opposite are wrecked.

The local authorities say seven Russian missiles hit residential buildings and that people are under the rubble. There’s no word yet on casualties.

Nearby, we found firemen putting out flames in the smouldering remains of house on a small, quiet street. Neighbours said one woman had died on her way to hospital.

These attacks come at a time when the Ukrainian army has made dramatic progress on two fronts, in the east and south. But scenes like this in Zaporizhzhia serve as another stark reminder of Russia’s ability to hit back indiscriminately.

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